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Oudtshoorn Aero Club is a vibrant club, situated in the Town of Oudtshoorn in the Western Cape province of South Africa. The Club runs and maintains services at the Oudtshoorn airport on behalf of the Municipality, the owners of the airport.

Our aim is to promote training and aero sport as the main activities at the airfield. To this effect Cape Flying Services and Flight Training Centre runs training schools at the airport.

AMS, otherwise known as the Red Cross, conducting air-rescue and emergency services in the area, is also based at the airport.

Our members are from various flying backgrounds, with fixed wing pilots, hot-air balloon pilots, paragliding pilots, radio control aircraft pilots, as well as helicopter pilots. Together with several social members, with a keen interest in flying, we have a small but active club.

The Club owns an aero plane: Cardinal ZS-IDW, which can be rented from the Club by the members. Members interested in renting the plane pays a contribution towards the insurance of the plane and then rent the plane at a hourly rate, based on the expenses for the maintenance of the plane. Fuel is for own account.

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